About C Boss USA, Reloading Tray Manufacture

C Boss USA is redefining the reloading process and giving outdoor sportsman and gun reloaders  get back to what they love doing the most. By innovating an idea or the thought of safety, precision and accuracy the case lube tray will help in every aspect of discharging ammunition. Avoid improper discharge of your case shells with proper lubrication. The recycled hardened plastic is measured for each case shell. C Boss USA founded in 2015 by a member of the USCCA dedicated to educate, train, equip and insure responsibly armed Americans with the proper tools to enjoy the outdoor sportsmanship and hunting.

How It’s Done

C Boss USA has carefully manufactured and captured that aahaa moment as one often does. Carefully calibrated with precision for the .45 acp laid out and separated for proper rotation of 180 degrees cases can be properly lubricated. Feel free to watch our presentation on youtube.

case lube tray for .45 acp

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